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2008-11-05 15:15:23 by Jaex

A comment on SupaPeeves' post made me giggle.

"Stupid(1) meme spewing(2) cunts(3). Go back to 4chan(4) you faggots(5)." ~ SnawsBall

*1. The definition of stupid is lacking intelligence. I don't lack intelligence.

*2. I did not spew anything. The couple parts I've made about memes are hardly considered a large quantity.

*3. I am not a cunt. I have one. There's a difference.

*4. I've never been to 4chan ( i.e., I haven't seen the web page; haven't had any 4chan URL in my browser ), therefore, I cannot go back.

*5. The definition of faggot is a bundle of sticks or twigs, but in this case I'm assuming you're using the slang version. There's another issue, though. Not only am I not a bundle of twigs, but I'm not an effeminate man either. I'm not even a feminine female.

Frankly, SnawsBall, I'm upset that you left me out of your comment.


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2008-11-05 16:02:49

I left him a fucking reply. Hes a ass..................................