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I really liked this.

The textures were pleasant, and the music was great.

The animation was very good, especially considering the perspectives you used in some parts. Very nice.

I had a pleasant watching experience.

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Fate responds:

the perspective walk will be down, in my books, as one of the hardest things to animate, just because, for some incapable reason, I had major issues drawing the feet. :P
it was really weird.
Anyways, thanks for your words.


Speechless. Okay, wait....

Over the last three and a half years I've thought about the teaser you put out for this so many times; maybe once or twice every month, which is a lot considering nothing had reminded me of it. It was just a curiosity that stuck with me. I've gone back to watch it numerous times, yearning to know what was going to happen.

Your character already shows enough personality that it makes me think of her as more than a character; it's what I love to read in books, see in movies and art... and it's even more thrilling to see it in animation. I can't wait to get to know her better as the story progresses.

You're inspirational. Thank you.

I don't get the obsession with this dance, but...

...I won't hold that against you.

I think that the scenes could've been shorter... I was sort of waiting in boredom for something to happen each time because they were so long. I had to keep asking myself, "Okay, is it over or something?"

The animation was okay...

SO basically, I just found it very boring because I'm not very fond of this kind of thing(not including that in my rating) and you took too long to move on to other characters.

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I'm just getting started with the game..

...but I felt like I'd played enough to leave a review before I got lost in it. The only issue I've had so far is that the video seemed to lag behind the sound during the introduction scenes.

I kind of did a double-take, at the whole "killed the woman I loved" part in the beginning, because I was so sure that the words belonged to a woman, not a man. Then I happened to be in the menu and I read the bios, and I did a little dance of joy.

It's so uncommon to see such a relationship even mentioned in a game, and it's got me excited really. I'm interested in where the story goes. Usually I just play a game for one of two things, gameplay or story. Sometimes gameplay is lacking and I'll drag through for the story, and sometimes the story isn't there at all and the gameplay is fun.

In this case there's both.

popopt responds:

Thanks Jaex - and cool username - sounds like a scifi character i'd make;) Im really glad you noticed the lesbian relationship. I think for the most part its not a big deal and thats just who the character is in my head, but i was bracing for a bunch of nagging on that point. Its wonderful for the first mention of it from a player to be so positive. BTW yoy can always use the level select button from the main menu if you get stuck and want to see what happens later in the game. all the levels are open from the start;)

I'll probably back to play it

but while I was doing a 'test run' on easy to see if I would like it at first ( I was hooked from the start, btw)... anyway when I got to the final round all of my towers disappeared, as well as all of the beams ( or whatever they're called ) except for the very first one. And the creeps still bounced as if the beams were there, so they just zigzagged down to the bottom of the screen and took lives off.

All in all, this game was great despite the bugs.

dukesbox responds:

Thanks for the report Jaex, I'll get to work asap on fixing the bugs :)

One Issue

It was fun, although repetitive. The difficulty didn't seem to increase much.

The only issue I noticed was that you could hold jump and float.

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