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Posted by Jaex - November 21st, 2008

A Blind Purpose.

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Posted by Jaex - November 19th, 2008

Last night I had a weird dream. In it, my grandfather said something about his birthday(December 16) and I distinctly remember the 'current day' in the dream being December 21.

Maybe I had the dream because I was nervous about my psychiatrist appointment (which was today). I've been dreading it all week. There's something upsetting about having an old person tell you that your mental health is not in a good enough state for you to make your own decisions. It pissed me off when the therapist did it, and I knew the psychiatrist would do the same. Plus, the whole point of going to this guy was for me to be evaluated for medication. Who the hell wants to be on medication? There were some crazies in the office waiting room though.

So, summary: the psychiatrist dude gave me two different prescriptions and told me I had to leave the house everyday. No way! Does walking down the driveway to get the mail count as leaving the house? I'll even wave to the neighbor-- get some social interaction and some sun at the same time.

But then he pulled out his book to set the date for a follow up appointment. December 16. Now, it's just a coincidence obviously, but it makes me wonder if there'll be some significant happenings on December 21 too. If it happens, it might push me over the edge, into insanity, and I'll have to go see psychiatrists for another reason. Like the crazy woman in the waiting room who talked the air next to her and called it Sweetie. And she smiled at it.

Posted by Jaex - November 7th, 2008

Today, a psychologist told me I had major depression, single episode.

I guess this means I have a right to be emo if I want to.

Posted by Jaex - November 5th, 2008

A comment on SupaPeeves' post made me giggle.

"Stupid(1) meme spewing(2) cunts(3). Go back to 4chan(4) you faggots(5)." ~ SnawsBall

*1. The definition of stupid is lacking intelligence. I don't lack intelligence.

*2. I did not spew anything. The couple parts I've made about memes are hardly considered a large quantity.

*3. I am not a cunt. I have one. There's a difference.

*4. I've never been to 4chan ( i.e., I haven't seen the web page; haven't had any 4chan URL in my browser ), therefore, I cannot go back.

*5. The definition of faggot is a bundle of sticks or twigs, but in this case I'm assuming you're using the slang version. There's another issue, though. Not only am I not a bundle of twigs, but I'm not an effeminate man either. I'm not even a feminine female.

Frankly, SnawsBall, I'm upset that you left me out of your comment.

Posted by Jaex - June 6th, 2008

I like hugs.

Posted by Jaex - May 27th, 2008